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Access Control

Knightguard Security offer design, installation and maintenance of Access Control systems for commercial, industrial and domestic customers, and will provide you with a system that will give you flexible control over who and when persons are authorised to enter a building or site.

Compact Range

Ideal for smaller sites and internal doors that require lower levels of security, we offer a practical standalone access control solution, comprising an integrated reader, a control unit, a power supply and a lock.

Administration of our compact systems is really straightforward too. They are available in proximity, magstripe and keypad variants, and all are provided with a range of card packs for token management.

Switch2 range

For those premises which require a higher level of security, such as schools and apartment complexes, we offer the Switch2 standalone system. The products in this range are also suitable for use with external doors and car park barriers. Due to the separate control unit and reader, the control unit can be installed into a separate location cutting down the chance that it will be tampered with and boosting security.

The Switch2 systems are suitable for both small and medium sites, and offer simple administration using the token management system.

Net2 Range

Large-scale businesses with hundreds of doors and thousands of users will require an advanced PC-based access control system, such as Net2. Providing centralised administration, this system is easy to control in even the most complex premises.

Using our intuitive software, individuals will be able to tailor their access privileges to groups and individuals within just a few clicks of a mouse. With a single-door architecture, managing and maintaining certain areas really couldn't be easier.

The user-friendly software even provides the opportunity to generate reports, providing complex information as to who and when individuals have entered certain areas of a property.

Our Net2 access control systems for businesses with high security requirements also offer a number of advanced features including, site graphics, IP camera integration and 'Triggers and Actions'.

Fully Comprehensive Maintenance Contract

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service with a fully comprehensive maintenance contract. Our maintenance contract includes an annual service to ensure your access control system remains in tip top condition.

We will be very happy to provide a competitive quotation upon renewal of an existing maintenance contract with another supplier, to take over an existing system and save you money.